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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Release date:
Early-Mid 2016

PC, Mac, Linux
More Platforms TBA


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In Sparkour, you race against your friends in an all-out battle of speed and quick thinking to see who can sprint to the finish line first. In these open-ended, minimalistic courses, you’re given an intricate set of parkour-inspired skills and a vast array of pickups to use for yourself or against your friends in a race to the finish!


Sparkour was born out of a love for the first-person platformer game, and a lust for a new game that encompasses everything about it. Combining arcade style racing and parkour from a first-person perspective, Sparkour takes its inspirations from classics like Mario Kart and Mirror's Edge. Taking this idea, a prototype was developed for the game for Steam Greenlight, and the game is currently in alpha.


  • Perform tricks and stylish movesets to build up speed on the fly, and send yourself soaring past your friends!
  • Navigate through deeply designed courses using alternating tracks, and find one that best suits your playstyle.
  • Use items, ranging from speed boosts, shields, and shockwaves to explosive projectiles, traps, and more, stylishly against your friends!
  • Customize your character to add a bit of flair to every jump you make.
  • Plot your friend’s cataclysmic demises to the cheery and peaceful soundtrack provided by iamsleepless!


Trailer 2 YouTube

Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Short Gameplay Video YouTube


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Steam Greenlight
Our Steam Greenlight page, which was greenlit in just eight days! View at steamcommunity.com.

About Reeline Studios

Reeline Studios is a single-led, globally driven studio built around creating entertainment of all types. Our goal is not to simply build off of one medium, but create multiple pieces of art in a series of media. The term 'Studio' represents this, as a blank canvas for artistic freedom to go wild. Our current endeavour is Sparkour, and we have previously worked on projects such as Elements, a crowdfunding pitch.

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Sparkour Credits

Casey Billadeau
Project Lead

Alfred Turner
Character Designer

Dylan 'iamsleepless' Baily
Music Producer/Composer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks